The food we eat, the lifestyle we live and the pressures of modern society all contribute to a rising global health crisis. Serious health problems are now at epidemic proportions in Guam.
Only with proper diet, nutrition, and a solid understanding of how the body works can we minimize our risk. Island Strong happily presents you the opportunity to live a happier, healthier, and longer life.
Our customers are people who want to make healthier choices and athletes who want to make performance gains. However, almost everyone is minerally deficient in some way or another. There is a high likelihood that our products can help you.
Island Strong is not just another supplement shop. We provide consultation for our customers and sell health and wellness products.
Our wholesale division is focused on what we call “Nudge Products”. These are products that are healthier options, and “nudge” the consumer towards more natural and organic options. The whole goal here is to help Guam make healthier decisions by giving them healthier options.
We wholesale our products to businesses like:
– Chain convenience stores
– Hotel shops
– Massage therapists
– Chiropractors
– Private practice clinics
– Gyms and other fitness centers
– Retail outlets
Our organic niche also appeals to spas and resorts that want an all-natural product.
Our mission is to offer a product that is as natural, non-GMO and organic as possible. Island Strong creates products with minimal processing and source locally wherever applicable.
Addressing this rising health crisis means treating our bodies with care. Proactive disease prevention is only achievable in strong mental and physical condition. We mitigate debilitating health risks when our bodies are ready and able.


Join us today and help others to reach their full potential by becoming a Wellness Coach.


If you have questions, please call 671-649-9638