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Businesses on lists of “America’s Best Companies to Work For” have things in common – including employee benefits every bit as exceptional as their products and services. These employers generally view mental wellness benefits as essential. Especially today. This brings us to a key question: Can businesses far smaller than top global brands provide first-rate mental wellness benefits – and should they? The answer is yes – and yes.

Wellness Consulting is dedicated to provide a holistic understanding to wellness and beauty to individuals through free personalized wellness assessment, educational talks and health events.  We understand that optimal health & beauty is attained by embracing a holistic approach.  As our bodies are connected intricately to our souls, as they are with our spirits, we advocate strengthening the five pillars of health, namely in:

  1. Sleep and relaxation
  2. Happy and positive emotional well-being
  3. Exercise
  4. Diet
  5. Optimal cellular supplementation

We believe that our bodies are designed so magnificently to enable healing to take place when the right conditions are met.  We subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath of first do no harm. Through education, we are equipped with reasons for change to have healthier & happier bodies.

We provide:

  • Free personalised health assessment and advice to regain & optimise health in a holistic way through natural back to basics fundamentals;
  • Different tailor made educational programs on how to eat well, to look your best, lose weight and to maintain sustainable weight loss;
  • Holistic beauty advice to achieve your natural best through use of paraben free cosmeceutical products;
  • Talks on different aspects of holistic health and beauty;
  • Corporate wellness programs to enhance productivity;
  • Corporate wellness programs to increase energy levels and overall wellbeing of staff to achieve corporate goals;
  • Corporate relaxation programs to reduce oxidative stress; and
  • Corporate team building events centred on health and wellbeing.

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