51Fifty Organic Energy Drink

… is a HUGE hit on Guam. In just 30 days, Island Strong Distributors has over 100 new retailers carrying 51Fifty drinks at their location. From the big chain gas stations, to small mom & pop stores, people are going crazy for 51Fifty Organic Energy Drinks! Here is a small list of locations that you can find 51Fifty drinks on Guam.


51 Fifty Organic Energy Drink is now at these store locations:



  • Tamuning Mobil
  • Maxi Mart
  • Joy Market
  • New Plaza Market


  • The Corner Store
  • Sister Store


  • Tutujan Quick Stop


  • C U Market
  • New Eden Market
  • R Daily Market


  • La Familia Market
  • Papa Store
  • Jong Ho Mart
  • Alageta Market
  • Bello Market
  • Latte Heights Market
  • Village Pantry
  • Fresh Bread Bakery
  • Mobil Gas Fatima
  • Mobil Gas Ysengsong


  • Dairy Mart
  • KNS Market
  • Eagles Market on Back Road


  • Mart-Ton’s Store
  • Aguon Store
  • My Favorite 1 Store
  • Vinny’s Mart

Mong Mong-Toto-Maite

  • SD Fish Market
  • New Toto Store
  • Market Daily
  • San Jose Market

Chalan Pago

  • Shine Market


  • Leo Mart/ Boutique at Leo Palace
  • Day Buy Day
  • New Yaweh Market


  • Toves Piti Store


  • Bay Dollar Store
  • Ton Ton Corner Mart


  • Papa Niyok Merizo


  • Mae’s Retail Store
  • Papa Niyok Inarajan


  • Pacific Bay Hotel Store


  • Island Girl Coffee (Maite and Yigo)
  • Horse and Cow (Tamuning)
  • Pho Basi Vietnamese Restaurant (Tamuning)
  • Mosa’s Joint (Agana)
  • Chesa Guam (Barrigada)
  • Castaways Restaurant Bar and Grill (Tumon)
  • Niu Fusion Restaurant (Royal Orchid Hotel)
  • Salangam Thai Restaurant (East Agana)
  • The Garage (Tumon)
  • Fusion Tavern Bar and Grill (Tumon)

Bars & Pubs:

  • Porky’s Bar (Tumon)
  • Horse and Cow (Tamuning)
  • Vikings Club (Tumon)
  • Fusion Tavern Bar and Grill (Tumon)
  • Castaways Restaurant Bar and Grille (Tumon)
  • Belle’s Lounge (Tamuning)
  • Kaeo’s Tavern (Tamuning)
  • Chick Boy (Upper Tumon)
  • Club Metro (Dededo)
  • Rack’Em Billiards (Dededo)
  • Cindy’s Pub (East Agana)
  • Mosa’s Joint (Agana)
  • Club Icon (Tumon)
  • C’est la Vie (Tumon)
  • The Garage (Tumon)
  • Club With Karaoke (Tumon)
  • Gudtaym Lounge (Tamuning at Hafa Adai)
  • Minz’s Bar (Tumon)
  • Muzik Lounge (Upper Tumon)
  • Old Tradition Bar (Tumon)
  • Sassy’s Lounge (Tamuning)
  • Rock Island (Tamuning at Hafa Adai)
  • Underpass Lounge (Tamuning at Hafa Adai)
  • Niu Fusion Restaurant and Lounge (Royal Orchid Hotel)

Fitness Centers & Gyms:

  • Paradise Fitness Gyms

Call 671-648-9355 to speak to Island Strong if you’re interested in carrying the number one organic energy drink on Guam… 51Fifty!