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The New World Diet

The New World Diet

The New World Diet takes nutrition to the next level. By implementing new research on health and nutrition with old world diets from regions with a disproportionately higher lifespan with fewer health problems, we have developed The New World Diet.

Humanity has distanced themselves from eating healthy natural foods to the point to where as much as 95% of what we consume is processed with synthetic chemicals. Industrial farming techniques have stripped the earth of essential minerals. It is estimated that around 50% of all illnesses can be directly linked to a deficiency of some type.

By adding the proper balances of vitamins and minerals, and by removing certain foods that aren’t beneficial, we have formulated a food plan that increases health dramatically. The New World Diet, not only increases health, but eliminates a large number of ailments and illnesses from society.

It is time to reverse this trend and begin a new era in food production and preparation. We believe that by healing the body with proper nutrition, you will be healthier, live longer and experience a more fulfilled, rewarding life. By reducing illness and increasing longevity, society can finally maximize her full potential and begin a new era in humanity.

In our research, we have found many foods that have been considered “bad” for you, that are actually beneficial and very necessary for overall health. On the other side, we have found several food items that are considered necessary, or “healthy alternatives” that either have no benefit, or are harmful in overall health. This research not only led to a greater understanding of how poor our overall health is as a society, but how much we consider some information as gospel, that turns out to be false.

The New World Diet is an eating plan based on the way that people should be eating. It is a healthier way to eat with foods low in saturated fat and sugar. The New World Diet features mostly fresh foods that have gone through minimal processing. The key is to eat unprocessed, natural foods, in a balance that is conducive to overall health. The plan also involves using lots of herbs and spices for seasoning, and the use of natural sea salts with high mineral content.

Eating fried foods and fast food are NOT part of this diet. DO NOT FRY FOODS! Do not use cooking oil. Prepare vegetables either raw, or steamed. When you boil vegetables, the nutrients are extracted out into the water.

Welcome to the new world…



Two servings of fish or shellfish per week should be consumed on the New World Diet. Poultry should be eaten twice a week. Red meat is consumed twice a week.

Notice this only adds up to 6 days? This is because one day per week, it is recommended to fast. If you cannot fast, simply snack on small portions of raw fruits and vegetables for that day.

Recommended sea food items include oysters, shrimp, salmon, squid, mackerel, mussels, tuna, lobster, tilapia, salmon and flounder. If you live in the South Pacific, just about any fish is ok.

Poultry should be chicken, turkey, dove, geese, pigeon or quail.

Red meat should be cuts with a decent amount of fat. This included flat iron steaks, meat loaf, filet mignon, T-Bone, KC Strip etc. The key is to consume a bit of fat to aid in the digestion and processing of fat soluble minerals. If red meat is not available, substitute fat requirements with butter.

Healthy Fats

Synthetic fats are not consumed at all. Butter and Olive oil are used as the principal fats to season and prepare food items. Never use canola oil, vegetable oil or margarine. Use Hemp oil when available. Don’t worry about eating fat on meats, most vitamins and minerals are fat soluble and require fat in your diet. NEVER FRY FOODS! Salad dressing should be avoided, use olive oil with a little vinegar and seasoning instead (it’s essentially Italian Dressing without all the added chemicals).

Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables should be consumed in large amounts when following the New World diet. Super foods should be consumed: kale, spinach, collard greens, red and yellow vegetables, beets, cauliflower, leeks and lentils. Other suggested vegetables include artichokes, eggplant, celery, broccoli, onions, peas, peppers, sweet potatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, celery and tomatoes. Beans are also a good source of nutrients, and potatoes (leave the skin on) should be limited to once or twice a week. Never fry potatoes, never fry anything.

In place of sweets, fruits are eaten for desserts. Some fruits recommended on the diet are apples, cherries, dates, peaches, grapefruit, melons and strawberries. Seven to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables should be consumed daily. Pumpkins, blueberries and cranberries are important also.

Nuts and other foods

Nuts are another staple of the New World Diet. Like olive oil, they contain unsaturated fatty acids, and also contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts that can be consumed include those that come from trees, such as walnuts and pecans. Because even these nuts are high in calories, they should be eaten in moderation–only an ounce or two a day. Pistachios and almonds are good for you as well. Avoid candied nuts, because they are high in sugar.

Garlic and ginger are about as important as any food on this list. Consume garlic and ginger in high quantities.


The grains that you use on the diet contain little to no saturated and trans fats. Refined carbs are rarely used and most of the foods are derived from whole grains. Be warned, it is important to remove gluten from your diet. This included wheat barley and oats (some oats are gluten free). The grains you can eat are rice, wild rice, corn, quinoa, millet, sorghum and teff.

NOTE: oats are inherently gluten free, but are contaminated with wheat. This is why nutritionists suggest removing oats when a gluten free diet in important.

Low amounts of dairy foods are consumed on the diet. Items like milk, greek yogurt and cheese are permitted on the new World Diet in moderate quantities. However, try to substitute cows milk with goat’s milk as much as possible. If you eat cheese, do not eat processed cheese, consume only natural cheese (stay away from American cheese, it’s not even real). Be conscious of how milk is processed. Many milk suppliers use stock that are heavily injected with hormones and use other practices that actually introduce some pretty disgusting additives into the milk.


Water, water and more water is the key. A glass of red wine should be consumed every other evening. Avoid soft drinks entirely, as well as processed fruit juice drinks. Get a cold press juicer and make real fruit juice at home. It is very important to drink a glass of water right when you wake, just before bed and 30 minutes before each meal. Green tea is also very good for you. Avoid black tea. A cup of coffee is also ok in the morning, just avoid all the cream and sugar. As strange as this sounds, try butter and salt in lieu of cream and sugar in your coffee.

Other Important Factors

It is important to remove processed foods, processed sugars, refined salt and cooking oil from your kitchen.

We have grown into a society where we are so busy, that fast food seems to be the only option. Along with proper nutrition, lifestyle change is paramount to overall health. You are always rushing around because you have been programmed to believe that you are supposed to be constantly busy. Reassess what is important in your life, and remove the toxic elements, organize your activities more efficiently, you will be happy you did.

What good is any of this, if we live only 2/3 of our potential, with the last half of our life struggling with various health problems? Center your life on proper nutrition, exercise, home & family, and you will experience a richer, more fulfilling life, I promise you.

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