Individual Wellness Coaching

Our services seek to help individuals discover what’s most important and impactful to them, and work from there. In our individual coaching programs, we help you:

1. Establish goals and set timelines to achieve them.
2. Create rock-solid health and lifestyle routines that generate results.
3. Address gut and digestive dysfunction.
4. Develop, implement and track nutrition plans that are designed for the individual.
5. Design a tailored and progressive exercise program in-person or virtually.
6. Discover the root causes of your symptoms and dysfunctions with functional medicine lab testing.
7. Determine the most effective supplement protocols for your individual needs.

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Workshops are hands-on and experiential, so come ready to participate! Workshop includes:

1. Healthy Habit Packet – your customized lifestyle guidebook.
2. Hands-on experiential learning practices within each of the nine pillars of health.
3. Custom grocery shopping lists, and how to read food and supplement labels.
4. Supplement protocols to optimize your health.
5. Exclusive content for participants.

Community Workshops

Community workshops and public outreach. We are always looking for opportunities to work with other non-profit organizations on Guam.